la mission


la mission

Hi! I’m the owner and creator of LEZ|CRO|NYMZ®, a Philadelphia-based, Lesbian-Owned T-Shirt Company. For the last year I have made it my mission to put together a Team of Lesbian Professionals to contribute to a clever and colorful project aimed at disintegrating Lesbian and Gay Stereotypes by utilizing Screen-Printed T-Shirts. You may ask yourself, “How can T-Shirts make a difference for LGBTQ Youth?” Well, let me break it down for you:

  • Fashion speaks louder than words. LGBTQ Youth are at a higher risk for significant emotional distress and suicidal tendencies. This in turn can lead to suicide attempts, homelessness, and further mental disorders. LGBTQ Youth need SUPPORTEMPOWERMENT, and to know that they are NOT ALONE. By wearing our threads you tell a Youth who may be struggling with their gender identity and/or sexuality that they are part of a COLORFULAMAZING and PROUD community.
  • Buy a Tee, Support LGBTQ Youth. The City of Brotherly (and Sisterly) Love is the home of some amazing organizations dedicated to advancing the progression of the LGBTQ Community such as the Attic Youth Center, William Way Community Center, Equality Pennsylvania, and The COLOURS Organization—to name a few. Every T-Shirt Sold will generate a $1.00 donation which will be awarded to a preselected non-profit community organization on a quarterly basis.
  • Our Tees fight STEREOTYPES and PROMOTE DIVERSITY , and help remove the social stigma of being uniquely YOU (i.e Gay As F*ck)!
  •  Unfortunately, STEREOTYPES, PREJUDICE, and DISCRIMINATION rear their ugly heads in the LGBTQ Communities too. Our Tees represent all women, all genders, all interests, and do so with a witty, nonsensical, and humorous approach. No matter what you’re into we have a LEZ|CRO|NYMZ® for you!

We are so excited to bring you some real shit for you 2018 Summer Tee Collection! We have MAD giveaways for our loyal lezbos and friends so REGISTER BELOW for some free funk.

Peace, Love, & Systematic Discrimination Disruption. #Live&LetLive

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